Cruise Vacation Log – Day 7

January 7th, 2009

A dreadful stomach disease attacked the ship last night and claimed hundreds of passengers and at least a dozen or so of our own. Thankfully it was not fatal, though they were required to stay in their room for a full 24-hour quarantine. The captain informed us that the “Gastro-Intestinal Virus” (referred to hereafter as “The G.I.”) was brought on board by an infected person who did not obey restrictions, and spread it to others via touch. There were new rules laid down, such as the Lido buffet was no longer self-serviced and new hand-soap machines were set up every 100 yards or so in public areas of the ship. Thank God I personally didn’t come down with it, though it was sad to see our friends and family – especially the kiddos – catch it, and we missed having them around.

Tonight the Rotterdam Diningroom had its second formal dress dinner. I was slightly stressed out trying to help others get their hair and makeup done, and also have time for myself. But, it all seemed to work out in the end anyways. And at least Nicolasa looked ravishing, thank you very much! Ha! 😛


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