Cruise Vacation Log – Day 3

January 3rd, 2009

First night’s sleep on board the m/s Maadam: rockin’…quite literally. This ship is apparently smaller than most cruise ships and we’re sailing on rough and bumpy seas! It takes some getting used to, but we are promised by the helpful and friendly staff that we should have our “sea legs” soon enough. I was just thankful to escape motion sickness, unlike some of the others.

Today was spent exploring the ship, all 12 decks. They can sure pack these things full. There are two swimming pools, a jacuzzi, a spa and sauna, three restaurants, a showroom, a gym, a cinema, library, internet cafe, and a large collection of lounges and bars. We didn’t actually get to see everything yet, but have plenty of time to get to it later. (Btw, I realize that if you’ve been on a cruise before, I probably sound quite stupid describing my virgin voyage in awe and wonderment. Heh…)

The Rotterdam Dining Room, where we have reservations for dinner, had a formal dress code tonight. Everyone looked very wow, ha! For some reason, most of the girls chose to go with black. And the guys looked classier than ever. I love it when the menfolk dress up. Good job! 🙂

After a very lengthy and delicious dinner (nothing beats the food here!), we left to watch the evening musical performance in the showroom. But first, we strolled through the casino and caught some of the boys sporting their best poker faces at the tables. And, surprisingly, a few of the guys also had a bit of luck at the slot machines. Fun stuff.


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