Cruise Vacation Log – Day 2

January 2nd, 2009

We met up with everyone who had also traveled to the port for the Holland America Cruise this morning, and kept each other company in the massive lines for boarding the ship. They wouldn’t let us into our staterooms until 1:30pm, so we hung out on deck 11 – the Lido Deck – where the gourmet buffet spread could distract us from the showers we were desperate to get to! Eww…

My first reaction to the staterooms was that they were far too small to accommodate 4 people, but I was to later realize that you don’t spend much time in your rooms anyway. At least our room was an Oceanside View, so we had a window with a beautiful view of the ocean, unlike most of our friends whose curtains covered only another wall. I roomed with my love, Nicolasa, and two lovely ladies: Esther Grace and Free. They made sure to keep us all rolling in laughter every day and night. I really did have the bestest roomies, TYJ!

That evening we checked out “The Crow’s Nest” which was the dance club on deck 12, the topmost deck. DJ Dan, who was to later become our nightly entertainer and line dance teacher, had about 4 good songs to play before all the worst songs in the world that were ever recorded would come booming across the dance floor! Thank God for Sue and her iPod, is all I can say…


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