Cruise Vacation Log – Day 1

January 1st, 2009

I think I maybe had 2.2 hours of sleep last night and was awoken bright and early by CB, who was anxious to get on the road.

He, Crystal, Crit and I are going to be driving together to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in a tiny two-door Honda Civic hatchback. I think it might be a 1916, but couldn’t be too sure…ha ha. Oh, did I mention tiny? Apparently, it was the cheapest and most efficient way to travel, so we shouldn’t be complaining. Meh… Poor CB and Crit not only had to be the only drivers on the 22-hour trip through the night, but also had to listen to us girls whining about being squished!

Our main source of nourishment was gas station junk food and Subway. I think I used to like Subway once upon a time…anyways, we did have a few humorous conversations on that long road, some worthy of note and others best left forgotten, heh. We only had a CD player installed in the car, and no CDs besides “I’ll be There”, which no offense to the artists at all, but it got old real fast. So, instead we drove each other crazy with our own renditions of favorite tunes, mostly undecipherable at best. Let’s not forget budding rapper Chris Bixler himself, who kept us all entertained with his self-composed rap lyrics to last us a lifetime.

TTL we made it all the way to Ft. Lauderdale, and got to catch an awesome sunrise just as we entered the city! I had taken the 2am – 7am shift as rider to keep CB awake, and I was tired as heck, though I’m 100% sure that he was all the more! GBH.


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