We Thank Thee…

Next in order of events was Thanksgiving, which was probably my best one so far.

The night before, the guys at the Blanco Home (which is where I was visiting at the time) needed to smoke the deer and turkey through the night, and had to stay up to keep an eye on it. Everyone decided it was a good op to party along with them. It’s sad that I don’t have photos of that night, as it was quite eventful, ha! -Complete with a raging bonfire, loud and funky music, coolers full of beer (that would be eskies to you, Pri), piles of people bundled up in the cold and lying on tarps, and some of the wackiest barnyard square dancing you ever did see!

The next morning, we woke up engulfed in a creepy fog. That made for interesting pics. I was able to stay for their delectable Thanksgiving lunch and meet maybe 50+ people that I did not know. I then returned back home to an amazing spread for Thanksgiving dinner! Spoiled rotten, I tell you! Ha ha. 😛

Thank You God. Amen.


2 responses to “We Thank Thee…

  1. haha…eskis…well if they were full of something other than beer, it just may have been kool ;). Glad you had fun. 🙂

  2. Love you Joycee! Glad you had sum fun over on this side of the world….I honestly thought you would hate every minute of it, expecially “North Mexico”…but yeah…good, good….You really should put some captions on these pics tho…so everyone could hang names on these killer folk.

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