PMA Grad Event 2008

The Lord worked it out for me to attend the PMA GE in Mexico, since the one held in my region coincided with Ally’s wedding. TYJ, it was loads of fun! I was able to travel down with Lizzi as my guide, and what do you know? She speaks Spanish! Ha ha! I guess a lot can happen in five years…

We stayed at an all-inclusive resort for 3 days, 4 nights, in Puerto Vallerta, on the west coast of Mexico. -A wonderful place to celebrate our PMA victories! The beaches were beautiful! Oh, how I looove the beach! We had a long drive down in a van to get there, and you’ll see from the pics that it was slightly less than comfortable, but still, worth it.

I met a whole new slew of people…argh! That would be my 3rd batch of strangers in less than a month, and judging from people’s description of me in Mexico, you could say that I was a little burnt out on the whole socialite thing. I was tagged as a “shy, quiet, and serious girl”, and asked more than ten times if I was Lizzi’s little sister. -Which suited me just fine. Ha!

But everyone was very sweet and nice, and let me tell you, they can sure shake that thang, which made each one of them my instant new friends! I do respect a fine dancing partner! 😛

Pretty much, the pics say it all, so here you are:


One response to “PMA Grad Event 2008

  1. Oh My LORD! I sure felt alot more pleasant than I look….I had no idea we took all those pics…hahaha…at least I was having loads of fun…

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