NY’s Fiesta!

When it comes to December 31st, I seem to have a magnet for evil that drives all that is good and happy away from me, and pulls all that is sorrowful and dramatic towards me. I have an extensive history of NY’s parties gone bad and an attitude of “Here we go again” as soon as the music starts playing. I think that is why this last year’s NY’s bash was so special to me.

We started our holidays on December 26th, and I got a lovely after-Christmas present from God in the form of seeing my long lost friend Hick after almost 9 years! Thank you for coming to visit, Hick. I had an awesome time catching up with you! I also met a gorgeous new friend: Connie. Connie doesn’t share food or cut people off in traffic, or do randomly strange things for the heck of it. Connie doesn’t roll like that. Connie is cool. Ha ha!

The fun-loving San Marcos Home opened their doors to about 60 people on NY’s Eve, GBT. Their cute and tiny house was packed out, almost shoulder to shoulder. Lots of familiar and a few not-so-familiar faces had come from all over the place to join in on the fun. My wonderful sister Lizzi came up from Mexico, but I think the guests from the farthest location had just flown down from Toronto, Canada. It was great to see you Jason and Kizzy! I’ve missed you!

There were some crazy things going down, not the least of which was a hectic “Quarters” game hosted by Hick, of course! But even with the regular small dramas (bound to happen), I’d have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised to go to sleep that night (morning?) quite happy. All’s well that ends well, I guess! 🙂

Happy New Year!


4 responses to “NY’s Fiesta!

  1. Awww, looks like fun! You’re travelling up a storm aren’t ya. And you’re integrating all over the place!!! I guess everyone loves a good Canadian.

  2. Ja Ja! Ear shattering shout out to all you Texas folk for your hospitality! Was a grand NY! You’re beautiful!!

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