Someone told me the other day that they didn’t believe in making New Year’s resolutions. Supposedly statistics show that 97% of New Year’s resolutions aren’t kept past the first 3 months. I guess by the end of March this year, we’ll have to see how well I’m doing, ha. Either way, I’m taking my chances with that slim 3%.

Of the seven resolutions/goals I set for 2008, about the only one I got to was being able to visit my family, whom I hadn’t seen in donkey’s ages. At least I kept an important one! This year, I’m only allowed to have five, and by God’s grace, I will stick to them:

1.) To open up and love more. To let go of myself and my past, and reach out to others. To let others into my life, and to let others love me. To be the Lord’s hands and feet of love for others.

2.) To be more faithful with my Word times, my time with the Lord, and with my memorization of the Word. To become a scholar of the Word, and to have the Word as my ballast for all my decisions and basis of conversations. To learn to ask the Lord everything more. To keep my channel clean and clear.

3.) To learn all I can about the field of Africa, and to be a blessing in my new Home. To learn about and become one with the culture and people there. To be able to commit long-term to my new field, if that is what the Lord asks of me.

4.) To win a new disciple.

5.) To get a driver’s license.

I always resolve to update my blog more often, and I never do. So, even though I’m mighty tempted to add that as my 6th resolution, I’m just going to let Fate have her way yet again, and resign myself to blogging lethargy…sigh.

What about you? What does 2009 hold for you?


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