“I now pronounce you…”

The wedding was almost exactly a month ago. It was crazy, hectic, rushed, and all that. But, it was definitely an experience worth having – as long as I’m not the one planning it next time… ha! Well actually, I can’t take even half of the credit. I’m so thankful for everyone who helped to make it what it came to be. I’m sure that Ally and Gabe are very grateful as well, even though it didn’t quite turn out as expected.

A few for praise time: Thank You Jesus for all that did go well. Thank you to Dale for setting up the PA and being our DJ. Thank you to Jason and Joe for taking a gazillion photos! Thank you Leila for the amazing posterboard! Thank you especially to Lizzi, Jeanine, Setti and Shelley for helping to plan and set-up! And Setti and Jeanine for your beautiful handiwork for the bride and her attire! Thank you to the drivers and to all those that I may have forgotten! It wouldn’t have worked at all without you stepping in where you were needed! God bless you all.

And here are your photos:


2 responses to ““I now pronounce you…”

  1. Love the pics, love the bridesmaids, love the bride! It looks like it was a beautiful event. I love the pic with Liam sitting at the end of the aisle to the alter….classic!

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