And the after party…

After the wedding ceremony we rushed back to set up the reception dinner. Everyone really had a hand in getting it all prepared in time: from sticking olives on cheese crackers to driving out to pick up more kerosene for the tiki torches; from taping tablecloths on tables to lighting and relighting 35 tea candles in windy weather; from serving the steak and potatoes to setting up the guest book and gift podium; from wrapping ribbons around dining table legs to finding enough wine glasses to go around, and from getting our heads together for the perfect Maid of Honor and Best Man toast speech to sharing a laugh or two for stress management!

A special thank you to Haven, Steve, Gabe, Sam, Tony and Crystal for your musical dedications to the bride and groom, and for serenading us all as we ate and danced. Thank you to everyone as well for putting up with my nazi-impersonations as a wedding manager and for politely just complying with anything you were asked, even if you had never met me before!

And the last thank you goes to Allison and Gabe Lillethun for the invitation to your wedding! Thank you for letting us share this intimate celebration with you! I love you both heaps and heaps!


4 responses to “And the after party…

  1. Awww…it was wonderful, Joycee. Thanks for being there to get everything together, buy all those extras, set up & organize, & make sure everyone else got drunk before you. xxxx Hope you liked my artistic attempts.

  2. Loved the bouquets! Beautifully done – and constructed out of next to nothing besides! And thank you so much for going ahead to help set up the chairs and pillars. I love you! xx

  3. It was better than I had hoped for! Thank you both for all your efforts. So glad you made it! You are wonderful! XXXXX I love you!

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