For Priya

August has been crazy busy…!! (end of disclaimer) 😛 I know I always say it, but this time, I’m serious!

Anyways! Finally arriving is that birthday post for my special lady princess: Priya Maria…

For Priya’s 24th Birthday (July 31st):

A Heavenly Horoscope from Jesus


Born on the Queen’s birthday! I have made you to be one of My beautiful queens as well!

Your aura scintillates and shines with My Love, whenever you wax full of faith and hope in My promise.

You know how to rule others because you have discovered how to rule over your own spirit.

Your smile shines along with your aura, emitting to others the message that all is well because I am in control.

You’re friendly and outgoing, unbiased and impartial. Your goals and aims are based on looking out for others more than for yourself.

You’ve accepted My role for you at this time and so you show others the impact that trusting Me for your future has had on your life.

You know how to love and be loved in return and you have grown in this area much.

I am proud of you, My precious queen, My lamb, for all your 24 years of faithful service to Me. If I could tell you one piece of advice or wisdom on this day, your birthday, it would be to keep going, keep fighting, keep winning, because you’re on the right track!

I love you! (EOM)


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