Looking Freaky…

Here you finally are! It’s been a while that I’ve been hanging on to these photos, wishing to showcase them for your viewing dis-pleasure – or for one of these days when you need a good laugh. Maybe if I wait long enough, the post will go up in time for Halloween! 😛

This is our horror story of a seemingly harmless modeling job gone horribly wrong…

So, the hair stylists and cameramen brought us in here, for a “simple hair job”. They were meant to not permanently do anything to our hair, so that we could change it back easily, if we so hated it. However, they did not warn us of their uncanny ability to lie blatantly!

Here’s getting dolled-up, in a most ferocious way…

And here we have the final products! They had small nicknames for each one of us putty-in-the-evil-Dragon-Master’s-hands:

“Nest-Head” (Tracy):

(Poor Tracy, the Dark Lords painted one long and hideous uni-brow across her forehead, which became the source of much crying…)

“Bird-Woman” (Priya):

“The Clown” (Lizzy):

“The Mermaid” (Moi):

(How that was interpreted as being a mermaid, I do not know. Some people here preferred to think of me as a small Braveheart-wannabe instead…)

“The Geisha” (Mari-chan):

And yes, we still haven’t recovered… our hair is testament to that fact. Most of us have protested by chopping it all off and dyeing it all manner of wondrous colors! You can see Priya’s final protest here.

Oh well, at least we know better now. And despite the painful mirror reflections and the handy dandy paper bags I’m forced to now wear, in the moment, you have to admit that it was rather fun! 😛

Ha ha ha ha…dear Lord.


7 responses to “Looking Freaky…

  1. That is hectic! I would love to have such a wonderful reason to cut my hair off. haha. It’s odd, but you each have a picture or two where you look really cool. Maybe that’s my freaky artsy side coming out… you really never can tell. (Except the mono-brow on Tracie never looks good. Mono-brows NEVER look good!!! Poor girl)

  2. Yes, definitely a good reason to shear it all off. I do agree some of the pics are kind of kool DEFINITELY in an artsy way though. And yes, Tracie did not deserve the unibrow!

  3. Wow, I think those pics are awesome. I love the high-fashion artsy feel they have going (you know kinda like the catwalk styles…which your usual person would never wear, but that make for interesting viewing)… Especially love the pics of Priya and the Geisha girl. 😀

  4. Wow. I finally saw these pics. I think Liz looks reeeeally good..I mean the make-up looks good. It really matches her!! So cute!
    I don’t really know about the rest of you..haha

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