All about June

Possibly the longest month of the year so far…

A lot has happened this month that I haven’t been able to blog about, namely because of the lack of a vital ingredient: an internet connection! But PTL anyways…amen?

June 1st: Began the PMA! Unlike some lucky others around the globe, we did not get to choose our own team names, ha ha. But we do have a very sweet small team, regardless. Here’s a photo of us (I believe we’re the “TWN_BAF_B team”, or something similar, ha ha!) from the kick-off:

Also on June 1st: Baby shower for Matt and Phoebe (but more so Phoebe…) You can find wonderful and wild photos of the event here.

June 3rd: Happy Birthday to Ria and Tiny! It was so good to see you both again! I love you!

June 6th: Happy Birthday Christie May! I’m so very proud of you and so is Jesus! I’m praying for you as you enter JT-hood, sweet girl! 😉

June 8th: Happy Birthday Efus! Thanks for the pool party and jello shots! You and me, we go way back, Googly Bear. Some things back there are best left unremembered, to be sure. but I hope you don’t ever forget all the tough and the terribly turbulent, because I really think that’s what brought out the wonderfully wacky and wise in you. I haven’t personally been able to get a hold of the wise part yet, but working on it, working on it. Ha ha! Thanks for always being my tall tower of foolishness to lean lightly upon. Thanks for listening and drastically disagreeing with me. Thanks for carrying me, when I couldn’t walk, even though you didn’t believe I was in pain. Thanks for answering my exasperated phone calls at 3am and patiently trying to understand. Thanks for always knowing what I was thinking, so that I wouldn’t have to explain in words, and also so that our team could always win every competitive guessing game in the book! There’s way more to thank you for, but I’m running out of time and space here…Thanks for always being there
and Happy 26th! Some interesting memories for you…

June 9th: Happy Dragonboat Festival! Ha ha, yes I doubt you will understand what this is, but that’s okay. The main point is that once again, it was fun and crazy and loud, like it always is, and once again we tricked a true-blue newcomer into eating the rooster balls! Yeach! Mwhahaha…

June 11th: Happy 2nd year Anniversary of the Towers Home! Granted, it was a few months late, but you have no idea how difficult it is in this Home to set a date when all our Home members are physically in the country and at home at the same time! This was actually planned terribly well, kudos to all you on the dedicated committee! Had heaps of fun and couldn’t stop laughing… 😛

June 18th: Happy Birthday Chelle! I hope you enjoyed the sushi! I’m praying for you every day and I hope your leg heals well and quickly! You’re the best thing that has ever happened to Steph and you both have made an incredibly adorable little boy! Thank you so much for coming to Taiwan and changing all of our lives for the better and bestest! I won’t ever forget your raging party-animal ways, nor our late nights staying up and crying about our dear JTs and their tents and flashlights, nor screaming bloody murder as we swatted flying cockroaches and tried to watch “Road Trip” in the third house living room, nor impersonating Vas’s and Justin’s lead vocal shouting at the top of our lungs instead of the all-male band we were singing with at JT Camp, nor anything else you’ve unwittingly impressed upon me in the few years I’ve known you! I love you heaps! And I will miss you so much.

June 21st: Congratulations to Joseph Daniel and Rejoice! I couldn’t have thought up a better match. God sure knows what He’s doing! 😉 I love you both and wish you a long and happy life together! Thanks for inviting us to your wedding reception! You both looked handsomely lovely!

June 28th: Dinner Party for Chelle! Thank you for inviting me to your humble abode, even with my stock of orange hair! Ack! Ha ha ha… I can’t believe that you threw your own party and how wonderful it turned out to be, all from a wheelchair. You are one of the strongest women I know! My Lord. All the decor and the food and the ambiance was beautiful. But the note was the sweetest; I had no idea that you ever thought those things. I hope you like your present! 😛

(I guess photos on this will be coming later… as I get the permission to post them… heh.)

It’s been a good month, TYJ! 🙂 I love you all! xxx


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