My Loretta…

This is the second day that you’ve been gone… I can’t stop missing you…

They said you’re leaving

I cannot believe my ears

I’ve started my grieving

I’m hiding the tears

If you go, who will love me?

And all my woes share?

Who will kiss and who will hug me?

If you go, who will care?

You’re the seam to my jeans

(and we both don’t like jello!)

And what of all our dreams

for that house made of Lego?

Pri, you’re my better half

And you’ve stuck till the end

We’ve loved and we’ve laughed

You’re my very best friend

Well, go on then, just go

Though I haven’t a clue

I really don’t know

What I’ll do without you…


One response to “My Loretta…

  1. Aww…I was just thinking about this poem…it is so sweet! I miss you every day! I’m hanging in till Saturday 🙂

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