Today is a special day…

Well, at least May 30th was, which is when this should have been up… tsk tsk.

Anyways! The reason for this short and sweet postess is a short and sweet sister of mine! 😛

Even though she lives so far away and thus, I have not seen her in many years (sniff…), she and I are like peas in a pod. Distance doesn’t matter when you’re here in my heart! 🙂 I love you, Lovely Lizzy! You’re everything that I’m not, as different as night from day, just like good, small Beth March was from Jo…and that must be why you’re the angel you are in my life!

Sometimes when I’m sitting alone up in my Lego House on the hill and I stare at my desktop wallpaper of that beautiful photo of you and Celeste, I start to reminisce on all our crazy times…

Toronto, Canada – 2001

Remember how we’d try to find all those FTT duet songs, so I could sing the boy and you the girl, while we bounced along in that huge white bus? (“Into your presence… ha ha…”)

Remember “The Second Generation”?? Ha ha ha… and how we split up the episodes, but ended up just listening to me ramble on and on myself about Jackie and Orion and Seth McKirby?

Remember the suitcases of paper dolls, and my brave attempt to make a Ken doll, and call him Marcus Everardo? Ha ha…

Remember those sticky English Corners at 6am in the park in China, and remember pulling ourselves out of bed and going just so we could have some extra pocket money for an ice cream at the NEW McDonald’s?

Remember Bruce from Poona, and Coral from Sydney and singing “Fat legs, oh how I wish they were fatter!” on the highest mountain peak in Guangdong, and getting burnt to a crisp swimming in that crystal clear pool?

Remember Cheng Ming You, the lifeguard in Nanning, and our mini-crush on him (hee hee…) and remember the irony of how Dad saved his life in the pool, when he almost drowned getting sucked against the grate?

Remember playing street hockey with Ryan and Sunny in Brampton, and remember House #5 with all the hot guys living there?

Remember calling Rogers Video and desperately pleading with them to have at least one of the 25 movies we wanted to see, which they absolutely did not have, mostly because they were all made in the 1950’s?

Remember calling roller skating rinks in Rock Hill 72 times? Ha ha ha ha…

Good times, good times… and so many more where those came from.

Happy 22nd Birthday Babette! I love and miss you so much more than you know! I’m praying for you and your future. I know that He’ll always be beside you! Keep scaling those mountains, and know that I’m climbing right here beside you! I hope I can see you this year! Keep it all in your prayers! xxx

(A small peek at my desktop…)


4 responses to “Today is a special day…

  1. It was ROCKY MOUNT!! LMAO! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Liz, sorry for being a bad sister! You’ve always been the sweetest one, remembering birthday’s and such…*ahem*… (somebody shoot me) or looking it up in your fat blue notebook that had everything in the world in there! Everybody loves you! I’ve never heard anyone talk nasty about you (besides me…gosh, I’m awful), and everyone who loves you doesn’t just “love” you, they LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE you. It’s no surprise either, because if there’s anyone I know who should win a gold medal in always being “caring, kind, and loving” it would be you! Love begets love! So keep it up! xox

  2. Rocky Mount! That’s right! Ha ha ha ha…I’m slipping! Yikes! Leave it to Amy, my dear, to remind me… 😛

  3. hahahahahahahah…..oh my god…..hahahahahaha…my stomach’s still hurting from laughing, & this is the third time I’m reading this post. Jeanine, that is so sweet. I’m laughing & crying all at the same time. I always felt bad that we didn’t get along so well before. I know I was proud & stubborn. I’m sorry. But you were the best. You made me laugh, & enjoy life, & forget about problems. And Joycee, you have a such a vast imagination, & so many awesome ideas! Growing up with you was an adventure no matter where we were. I really do adore you. Mine are the best sisters anyone could hope for! I can’t believe you remember all those details. It seems so long ago. Hey, Joyce do you still have the audio files for the “Second Generation” things? They would be soooo weirdly interesting to listen to again. Or even if you have the scripts, that’d be awesome, though you probably don’t. Hey do you remember when we were recording those summaries on the backs of the HL books?? What the hec were we doing it for? Remember Jeanine’s “Jordan’s Quest…Armed only with his sword & a small mysterious bottle..” And Joyce, do you remember, “The scrunchy writer”…HAHAHAHA….& how we thought the echo on “Spies, treachery…” was THE BEST!! “oh Lordie, I hope not too many people read this. I love you, girls. My life has been blessed by sharing it with you.

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