For Mom

Because you’re the feistiest Mom I know.

Because you’re the smartest person I know.

Because you’re the kindest.

Because you’re the hardest worker.

Because you’ve never given up hope on us.

Because you’ve fought the longest and hardest battles for us.

Because you always pushed us to be and do more than we thought we could.

Because you’re always there when you’re needed.

Because you always give the benefit of the doubt.

Because you’re the best multi-tasker I know.

Because you’re the only person I know who’s ever asked for a calculator on their birthday and really wanted one.

Because you’ve always said and thought “I can!”

Because you have the most faith.

Because, even though you have so much, you’re humble about it.

Because you’ve kept me going for the Lord.

This (and more!) is why you are the world’s greatest Mom! I love you, and always will, more and more every year! Happy Birthday and Happy Mother’s Day! xxx


One response to “For Mom

  1. I love you Mom! You’re the best, most faithful & understanding mom there ever was.

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