Relief from Stress – and I’m in Japan!

For some reason, this saved as a draft instead of publishing, so even though it’s dated now, here’s my post from April 12th:

Check this guy out:

By Dr. Richard Schulze, an authority on natural healing and herbal medications. Taken from his book Common Sense Health and Healing

It’s great to be alive. Every day when I wake up, I think about how blessed I am‚ how great it is to be alive, and how much I love my life.

These two great healing affirmations didn’t come naturally to me. I didn’t learn them from my school teachers or hear them on television, movies, or in the lyrics of songs. And I certainly didn’t hear them from my patients either. In fact, if you heard most of my patients’ self-degrading, self-defeating mouths and negative minds, you would wonder how they were even still alive.

Imagine the kind of constant attack your immune system has to survive and defend itself against every day. If you think flesh-eating bacteria‚ Legionnaires’ disease and killer viral influenzas are bad‚ well, medical and scientific research clearly proves that your worst immune attack, your worst immune enemy, is not microbes but what you are thinking and what comes out of your mouth, every day. Furthermore, one of the most healing nutrients to your body, more than vitamins, minerals‚ enzymes, fresh juices, even more than herbs, is LOVE.

There are physical consequences for everything that you do, and now‚ it appears, for even everything that you think too.

So, if you’re feeling sick, check your thought patterns! Negative thinking is killing your body! This has opened up my eyes to a root cause for feeling under the weather in the past 2 months. LHM!

Here’s more on how stress and negative pressure could be affecting our lives:

Jesus: Are you afraid that if you don’t do something, it won’t get done? You might think it won’t get done, and that it’s more important than your exercise or quality time with the children today (or Word time!). But is that really trusting Me?

I’ve told you to live a life with balance, to give each thing its due time and place, and if you think you are an exception to this rule because your work is so important, then chances are you’re putting even more importance on your work than I am‚ because I would never sacrifice you on the altar of stress just to get a little more done.

This stress some of you are experiencing is sapping your joy, your energy, your time with Me, your health‚ and affecting your spirit and work negatively.

If you’re frequently prone to stress, you’re going to have to really fight to change your lifestyle and eliminate stress. I recommend that you regularly claim the keys of perseverance and humility, because you’re going to need both.

In some cases you might need to make some major changes in your life, either by dropping certain projects, adjusting your schedule in a major way, admitting you need help, getting over pet peeves, getting the victory over comparing, or whatever it is I tell you to do.

Call on Me for miracles before you get stressed, not when the pressure and stress of your work is about to cause you to snap. I am the God of miracles in every aspect of your life.

(From “Stress Not”)

My life is at a stressful crossroads right now, or maybe “one of the busiest intersections with all four streetlights broken” better describes it. There just seems to be way too much to do, and not enough time or personnel to get everything done. Sound familiar? As I recall, the Lord said that there will always be too much to do, so that we might as well get used to it and learn to depend on Him for our daily strength.

Jesus: Life for Me is only going to get busier as we reach the final showdown between Heaven and Hell on Earth, but that doesn’t mean your lives will become more stressful. It means you need to change the way you react to and carry out My will. It requires you to take a new path that eliminates stress in your life. I can change you, and I want to change you. I want to rewrite your subroutines to employ My power and let My Spirit flow through you rather than you getting all worked up and trying to do it on your own.

Sounds easy enough, so why am I not catching on?

God has a solution for stubborn people like me. In my case, it’s called a visa trip! Ha ha.

I flew to Japan on Friday night. It was a short flight (2 hrs, 40 mins), but many more hours were spent traveling to and from, over and under, on trains, up stairs, down stairs, in vans and taxis, etc. I left home in the morning at 9am, and I arrived at the Hamano eki, several miracles and broken Japanese communications later, around 6:30pm (Taiwan time). There I proceeded to freeze my Taiwanese-weather-accustomed self off until Florence saved me and brought me to her Home. What a sweet friend you are, Flori! 🙂

It was Dan’s birthday (Happy belated Birthday Dan!), so we played a game and had some cake. There was one point where some people broke out into song, and that lasted a good while. I think everyone was caught off guard, and so proceeded to jump in singing at whatever key-level they felt comfortable with at the moment. -Which didn’t work so well, harmonically. Ha! 😛

The game we played was called “Apple to Apple”, no joke. I don’t think I’ll be able to explain it here, ha! In any case, it was amusing and fun. Mike and Joanie have an adorable baby boy, Kayden, who looks incredibly like a gaijin. Ha ha. Sweet Mike…And the Baysiders came over as well. Awww… so good to see you all, guys! Gabe and Windy’s little girl is too cute! I’ve been with her most of this morning, and she’s an angel. They call her Tofu…?

Anyways, the moral of the rambling story is that I’m relaxing and resting, not as much as I should perhaps, but I will be there soon, Lord willing. Thank you Jesus for this special treat for me to come out of the wings for a few days! And thank you so much, my dear Towers Home for letting me come and de-stress! I love you all and miss you already! xxx


2 responses to “Relief from Stress – and I’m in Japan!

  1. Ohhh Joyce. The singing was beautiful. I was into it with my whole heart, digging it so hard. It was full of the spirit and led of the Lord. No amount of harmony can beat that!!
    I love you. (Don’t yell at your home members today!)

  2. I know the feeling of being super busy and being stressed out.
    It’s usually when you don’t have enough help so you end up doing things on your own because other people are either too busy or too lazy to lend you a hand.
    I think it’s important to let people know when you get into that kind of situation so that they can help out with the workload or bring in some new people.

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