Diary Entry

For some reason, I feel like something’s coming to an end. It’s hard to explain. Like I’m going on this trip soon, right? But I’ll be back in a few days, so I don’t know why I feel this premonition. Eerie.

I’ve been feeling some sort of pressure in the spirit to do things; it could be a bad spirit, who knows? Maybe I should ask the Lord about it, because it doesn’t feel right, but I don’t necessarily want to count it off as being “evil” either.

Anyways, I keep thinking that I should find some kind of closure in areas. Like, with my friends, my family, get my things in order. Leave important clues in places that need them, etc. Weird.

On down-to-earth topics, we had an appreciation night last night. I had no idea we were meant to dress up classy-like. I don’t really own clothes like that. Anyways, Angel had a quick dress I could wear, thank God. And I slapped it on, best I could, considering the time frame.

I look…odd. Ha ha! Priya says to the contrary, but you know how friends can be. She’s wearing a Punjabi, and looks great, absolutely fabulous. I love it. I wish I could look that great that quickly. Superb. Everyone else looks quite pretty and dashing, as well. The gentlemen are the cutest when they dress up. I think that for girls it’s more of a normal occurrence to dress up, so it’s not so special when we do. But when the men do, people take notice. It’s lovely.


5 responses to “Diary Entry

  1. Put some pictures, Joyceeee!!! I want to see how handsome everyone looks..

  2. Please don’t be thinking you’re going away for good and leaving us for heaven…gosh that better not be the ‘eerie’ feeling you’re having…you still owe me a trip, you can’t leave yet

  3. hmm I’m not sure what to say in response to the “eerie” feeling. First thing I thought when I read it was ” I need to talk to her”…

  4. Oh my Joyce! Don’t worry….when something ends for us, there’s always something better waiting…I still hope everything’s ok though…

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