The Farmers and the Lillethuns

At Christmas last year, my family got together for a mini reunion – only dubbed “mini”, of course, because I was the only one missing! Waah! 😦

Anyhow, bitternesses aside (ha!), it did seem like they had a wonderful time down in SA, Texas for the holidays, and here are the happy and beautiful photos to prove it:

dsc_3833.jpg dsc_3816.jpg dsc_3840.jpg

r25xbl547263-02.jpg vqf57m834515-02.jpg dsc_3734crop.jpg

Here are a few more shots from Toronto of my gorgeous sisters and the little tike:

dsc_8487.jpg dsc_8311.jpg dsc_9042.jpg

I love and miss you all, each and every one, heaps and heaps! Sniff… I don’t know how I get through every day without you! Must be the Lord… 😛 I hope to see you guys sooner rather than later – let’s make it this year! Until then…

Missing you,

Your sister and daughter, Jo


2 responses to “The Farmers and the Lillethuns

  1. Ahhh dear Cee, you get along fine because you have me and I’m here…mwahaha, and I love you!

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