The arm of the flesh…


Here’s something convicting I read this morning on spiritual lethargy and how it affects our lives and work:

(Jesus:) And though you have only seen the beginning of this backsliding path called lethargy, you have already noticed the many ways in which it has affected your life in causing you to be less desperate for Me, more confident in yourself, less inclined to ask Me everything, and more inclined to rely on your own arm of the flesh to get you through your work and your day.

You’re not alarmed when a day goes by without your having spent time in My Word or seeking My voice and counsel in prophecy. And then another day goes by‚ and another. You eke out a little time in the spirit each day with a little prayer here, a little devotions there, a quick praise time here, a few words of love to Me there‚ as if these could appease Me like sacrifices to some god, lest your conscience overtake you for forsaking Me fully. (ML#3482)

Lord help me, I didn’t have any Word time yesterday! 😦 And I actually often find myself offering said sacrifices in an attempt to keep my conscience from “overtaking” me…not so cool; not so FD.

There’s more on that:

(Jesus:) Don’t ever just lope through a day doing as you please. Every day you should be measuring your actions‚ asking yourself and Me if you’re living as a disciple would live, if you’re saying what a disciple would say, if you’re spending your free time as a disciple should‚ and if you’re working like a disciple should be working. (ML#3402)

I think because the work I do is so physical and determined by the confines of time, I run this race every day to get the most done in the shortest amount of time, instead of availing myself of the inner power within me and drawing on that to help me accomplish quality in my tasks, and not only quantity. That goes without saying, of course, that to even have some fuel for the huge truck that I sometimes feel I’m driving here, I have to invest the needed time in channeling that “inner power” to go to work for me. If I’m not getting my Word time, I won’t ever get enough work time. I’m not working as a disciple should be working, and that needs to change! Please pray for me!


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