“Bonne Fête” my sweet little brother!


Happy 7th birthday Sean! I can’t believe that you’re so huge now! It seems like just yesterday Mom was telling us that you would most definitely be a little girl once again, for the 8th time… Poor Mom, we hopeful sisters knew much better…heh heh… 😛 Aren’t you glad that Mom and Dad changed their minds in the end and decided for “Sean” instead of “Shannon”? 😀

I haven’t seen you in sooo long, but I have some photos here of you that I thought were very cute! Some new, and some old… and some very old…!

dsc.jpg dsc_6805.jpg dsc_6838.jpg dsc_6890.jpg

dsc_8249.jpg img_0188.jpg img_0289.jpg img_0382.jpg

img_0394.jpg img_0473.jpg img_0502.jpg img_0808.jpg

img_0847.jpg img_0878.jpg img_0911.jpg img_0915.jpg

img_0925.jpg img_1540.jpg img_1598.jpg img_1626.jpg

picture-007.jpg picture-016.jpg picture-038.jpg picture-072.jpg

picture-120.jpg sean-4.jpg sean-6.jpg tibbs.jpg

I hope you’re learning so much more than anyone else, and that you’re proud of it too! Ha ha! I hope you’re having lots of opportunities to shine for Jesus and be His happy helper! I hope you’re laughing and smiling and getting to do all those things that big 7-year-olds want to do! I hope that even though you can’t always do what you want, that you’re doing the right things and making someone else happy too! I’m hoping and praying for you, Seany! I love you tons and tons! Be good for Daddy! 🙂


3 responses to ““Bonne Fête” my sweet little brother!

  1. Happy birthday, sean, if you ever read this, know that you’re the cutest little rascal I ever met, give all thanks to your dad ;), and daddy if you read this, you rock, you rock, you rock, and I love and miss you, and don’t worry about what Joyce and i might be up to, we’ll be ‘rated’

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