Happy 40th Birthday, Dear Family…


This year’s celebration of our Family Birthday took place in a rented hall, that was just slightly too large for all of us. Family members from all over the island came together under this humongous roof to sing songs, dance like King David, yell “Reeeeeejoice!” at the tops of our lungs, partake of Communion together, sleep for some, snap photos for some others, play rugby and football for yet others, and eat cake and ice cream for just about everyone! There was also a fair bit of “Happy Birthday to you!” chorusing breaking out in intervals, for all of the Pisces mainly, and then for just about every single individual birthday after that!

God bless the Band of Brothers Home (whom we all know are actually just named the ‘BOB Home’ 🙂 ) for hosting and organizing the event, and guiding all the lost wandering vans and truckloads of equipment to their proper parking spaces…

I got to catch up with Cat (Happy Birthday Cat, I love you!!!) and her adorable little Tanya girl, which was especially special! And I also got to laugh with Lily, my love, and Toy, her son, as we chatted and made plans for travel… shhh… 😛 It was great to see you, Lil! I would give up all the rugby games in the world to sit and chat with you on the Duplo mat about your strange little daughter… ha ha ha ha! 😀 Chelle the Belle was there joining in the discussion as well, which was another rare treat! You’d think we’d get to hang out all the time, Chelle. We should do it more often!

Here are a few photos from that day, taken by Mark Blitz (TYSM, Markus!) :

the-band01.jpg the-band03.jpg the-band04.jpg

the-crowd01.jpg gyspy-dancing.jpg the-kiddos01.jpg

the-kiddos02.jpg nat-and-justin-sleeping.jpg cute-little-tanya.jpg

ia-and-nigel.jpg dove-and-hannah.jpg joe-lai-and-jordan.jpg

And let’s not forget: Happy Birthday Dad! Thank you so much for starting us off in the right direction and for changing our lives and hearts through your sample of the Love of Jesus! I don’t know where any of us would be if it weren’t for you and your dedication and perseverance! Some of us might not even be here at all! And thank You, Sweet Love, for helping us to continue on for You, and fight the good fight of faith! I love You more than I can say! XXX


3 responses to “It’s a REVOLUTION!

  1. I was just thinking all the same. I don’t know why they think he looks at home and Taiwanese. I think he looks lonesome and forlorn.

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