The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn…

I’ve had this grand plan for Valentine’s Day for about a week now. Knowing my uncontrollable procrastination habits, I determined that this year, I was actually going to do something for Valentine’s Day – something nice, that is. Ha.

The Plan:

Cut out hearts from red construction paper and write “Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you!” on them in gold pen. Then put one in everyone’s rooms, accompanied by a Ferrero Rocher chocolate. Simple.

The Destruction of “the Plan”:

I woke up this morning with my “plan” firmly rooted in my mind, and the intention of seeing it through, just later. However, when I came back to my room this morning after a quick chat with someone in the hallway, lo and behold, what did I find but a small red heart on my bed, with “Happy Valentine’s Day!” written on it in gold pen. And sitting next to this lovely cut-out was none other than a Ferrero Rocher chocolate!!!

Dear Priya, I love you. That’s all I wanted to say. Thank you for your Valentine’s gift. I’m not sweet, and I’m not poetic. I’m not thoughtful, and I’m obviously not very quick! 😛 But thank you for loving me anyways, and thank you for being there for me – now and always. I would ask you to be mine, but I know that someone else has already taken my place in your heart…


So, to my Husband and only true Valentine on this unpredictable roller coaster of a day:

I know that You wanted me to be Yours on this day and every day. I know that You probably had great plans for us and what we would do. I’m sorry that I was just a little too busy for You. I’m sorry that I was looking around for someone else to show me love instead of finding You and loving You up. I’m sorry that I’m not the kind of wife or lover I should be and whom You deserve. 😦 I’m sorry that no matter what precious gifts you give me, I seem to scorn them and take them for granted. I’m sorry that I fall more often than rise to the challenges You put before me. You’re always there to pick me back up, and love me unconditionally… I am indebted to You forever.
I know I’m not very strong, but I am a fighter. I do care and I will try harder to always be there for You, like You always are for me. I know I’m foolish, and I’m silly (as sweet Laura has reminded me… 😀 ). I know I can be a whole lot of trouble and I know that You know I’m crazy. Ha! But, thank You for putting up with me, when no one else can. Thank You for being all I have when all I have is gone. Thank You for teaching me to love, and be loved in return…


The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return.


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