New Year’s Thankfulness and Resolutions

This is very very late, but I never did post it, so here goes: I wrote it in regards to our Home’s January 17th NY’s dinner …


Last night, we got together as a Home for a late dinner to celebrate the New Year together. Almost just in time for Chinese New Year! Ha!

We adapted the traditional “candlelight ceremony”, and went around sharing what we were thankful for in 2007, and some goals for 2008. Being a Home of 20+ adults, this took about 2 hours…! But it was quite interesting actually, to hear people’s dreams and goals, not to mention surprising to find out that some people were actually thankful for you. So sweet! 🙂

Here’s what I said:

What 2007 Meant to Me:

1) A major, life-changing decision I made to stay in the Family first of all, and then, to stay in the Towers Home.

This is a wonderful Home, and even though we do have our share of problems and idiosyncrasies (doesn’t every Home? 🙂 ), we’re making encouraging progress! Thank the Lord! I couldn’t hope to be in a better Family or with a better Winning Team at the start of the Offensive!

2) The cutest little baby, and my first nephew – Liam Riefe (born May 19) – I’m so thankful that he’s been completely healed! Thank you for your prayers!

3) New additions to our Home’s personnel last year and what a perfect place they each separately fill in the Home and in our lives.

I love you heaps Colm, Mari, China, Vincent, Maggie and Gabe!

4) A 10-day trip to HK in July to attend the HK Book Fair Exhibition. It was plenty of hard work and nothing like I had done before, but I learned a lot on resting in the Lord and seeing things with the eyes of the Spirit. And through the trip we met new kings and supporters! PTL!

5) The Lord’s abundant and miraculous supply of all the funds we needed in the span of four months to send 7 people to the XD Core!

6) The XD Program and XD Core and how it changed and is still changing my life. Though it was intense at times, it was a “good intense”, ha ha (as Phoebe put it!), and I’m privileged to have been a part of that once-in-a-lifetime spiritual experience.

I’m especially thankful that we had the Core in Japan, so we could meet and get to know many new faces and unique personalities! I love and miss you all so much! Keep in touch!

7) A hectic, but fruitful Christmas push! I’m thankful that I made it through and I’m still alive…! Ha!

Something that I wanted to say last night, but didn’t get to, for lack of time, was how thankful I was for the very big battles and tests I went through last year, because through them, I’ve realized that, with the Lord’s help, I can handle a lot more than I thought I could. I can also relate to and understand other people’s problems much more, as I’ve gone through similar breakings. The Lord knows best, I guess. 🙂


Goals and Prayers for 2008:

1) Instant obedience to the Word regardless of my own wishes and habits. That I can stick to my commitments I made to the Lord last year at the XD Core, and be a better sample to others.

2) I want to get to know everyone in the Home and area better, and give more of my time and attention to others.

3) I’d like to get a new acoustic guitar and learn to play a lot better.

4) I would like to learn to speak Mandarin Chinese fluently, as well as read and write.

5) I want to learn to drive! Ha ha… look out! 😛

6) I would like to visit my family this year, as I haven’t seen some of them for almost 4 years.

So, there they are, hopefully all doable.

And for my last New Year’s Resolution:

7) That I can keep my blog updated! Ha ha… we’ll see how doable that is…


One response to “New Year’s Thankfulness and Resolutions

  1. Oiyce, I’m so glad you decided to stay in our Home, and I think since the year you joined us you’ve definitely made your mark- a positive one too!

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