Something to Be Thankful For…

I was reading a Word compilation this morning on Praise and defeating the habit of murmuring, and certain convicting quotes really stood out to me:

Just keep in mind that you are a professional disciple. You’re not an old-timer or a pampered SGA–you’re a professional disciple. So be a professional and get rid of all that murmuring rot! It’ll just stink up your life, stink up your Home, and corrode your discipleship.

Have you lost the vision and forgotten that your life is supposed to be a living sacrifice unto the Lord? The life of a disciple is to be a sample of faith, sacrifice‚ obedience, yieldedness, humility, and love.

Life is fair and God is good. He knows what He’s doing when He passes out the burdens and the tests He sees fit to allow in each of our lives. He knows exactly what we need and He works differently in each life.

Making sacrifices is a part of our lives for the Lord, and we need to do what He asks of us cheerfully and with a thankful heart–not in a spirit of murmuring and complaining. Having a positive outlook and being cheerful about sacrifices is a part of discipleship.

Probably my whole life, I’ve had a problem with negative thinking and complaining (which may be why my mother changed my name to “Praise” for 4 years! 😀 ), resulting in Word assignments, and lines, and more lines, and demerits, and extra jobs, and then yet more lines. So, yes, I believe I’ve had plenty of time to repent and kick my bad habits. LHM!

Living in a Home with 30+ people can have an undesirable effect on someone prone to and yielding to negative thinking – as I have experienced, yikes! There’s always someone knocking on your door for some reason or another, there are emergency slots in the schedule to fill, hungry and tired babies crying in the kitchen, the electricity clicking off every other day, days without milk, days without hot water showers, days without cooking oil, days with rain, months with rain. My common tendency is to make negative comments when faced with these and other dilemmas, instead of practicing extreme praise and rising above …

But after re-reading the Word on this subject, the keys of prospecting have highlighted this again as a ‘Need Work On’ area for me. When I stop to actually think about it, there are too many awesome blessings that can come of living communally with so many talented and loving people, regardless of the lack of enough toilet paper, or the fact that once the provisioning comes in you have about 5.2 seconds to try and snatch a glass of orange juice before the whole crate disappears!

Current Example: I was sick yesterday on my free day, and really wasn’t looking forward to a lonely day in bed, especially when we had already made plans to go out together. Tempted to complain again. Only then did I realize how many very good friends I have, friends who care enough, when everyone else decided to stay home as well, and crowd out my small room! Ha! I’ve never seen that many people in my room at once. And they didn’t just drop in to stay a quick “Hi” or “How’re you doing?” either. I had company from the moment I woke up till I went to sleep. There were games, and fancy hairdo’s, and dancing, and music, and laughing, and composing and all sorts of things going on in here. Ha ha ha. 😛

I really do have it so well, and don’t have anything to complain about. If anything, it was convicting for me to see that I’m not a very good friend to others or there for them when they need me, as someone commented to me. I’m sorry… 😦 I will be working on it, I promise.

Even though, sometimes I whine about how it’d be nice to have my family close by, I do have a family here with me in my Home – all my Home members. I love you guys! Thank you for being there for me. You’re the best!


One response to “Something to Be Thankful For…

  1. Awww Joyce, you know I’d stay with you in that ice room if you were sick from dawn to dusk until midnight and more, glad you had substitutes for me ;). And I’m praying for you, Xtreme Praise definitely the way to go. And You look just PERFECT regardless of what the gym-nists say, you can XP them too. Love you more and more…

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