Happy Birthday Ragers!

Today marks the birthday of two fine boys… let’s hear it for the Aquarians!

Dear Daniel Angelo Piteo-Tarpy the Thirteenth, Happy Birthday! I don’t even know if you read this blog, but if you do, I hope you know I love you and care! You’ve changed heaps in the last few years that I’ve known you. You’ve gone from being an annoying 15-year-old who would try aimlessly to convince me you were in fact an alien, ha ha, to a now close and dear friend who’s always there when I need a hug. Or maybe I’m the one’s who’s changed. 😛

Here are the faces of DA:

100_5014.jpg 100_2555.jpg dsc00001.jpg dsc08697.jpg

We’ve gone through debates, fights, and arguments; we’ve laughed our laughs, and drunk our drinks; you’ve driven me up walls and almost off of cliffs (Think “pleasant mist day…”) !! To be honest, I don’t know if it’s me who’s lucky to have survived or you!

But in any case: Here’s to carefree and wild celebrating on your 21st birthday! Jia you! May you always go with God, and hold fast to His hand as you step into your brave new world.


Maiki Ito, I don’t really know you that well at all. But from what I’ve heard, you’re a sweet guy with heaps of talent and potential. And you know that deep inside, you’ve got a good heart and a happy smile. 🙂 Ha ha.

Here are the faces of Maiki:

ito-brothersimg.jpg 6qd2q6410596-02.jpg c3prpa766921-02.jpg maikifoundme.jpg

dscf0813.jpg getattachmentaspx.jpg e3xwg1016480-02.jpg dcf_0039.jpg

Maiki, may you love and live and learn, and may this year be the best one yet, filled with all manner of exciting and bottle-breaking festivities that you’re forced to attend! 😛

I pray you stay true to what you know is right and close to those who love you. And may God help you to do whatever is humanly possible to keep your hair color black! Happy 16th Birthday! xxx


3 responses to “Happy Birthday Ragers!

  1. Rock on D.A, you win in my books as one of the most intelligent aquarius’ that I know am glad to have lived with you even if for a year in ASH…good times…well you’re 21 now…but I’m still 2 yrs older 😉 Perhaps in another life time, look me up 😀

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