Welcome Sofia Rei McNair!


This beautiful, long-awaited girl was born a little after midnight on the morning of January 17th to Windy and Gabe McNair – but mostly Windy – at a nearby midwife’s clinic. The delivery was quick and free of complications! Sofia is healthy and whole, thank the Lord! Her parents would like to thank all of you who prayed for the pregnancy and delivery!

According to personal interpretation, Sofia Rei means “Beautiful Angel of Wisdom”, and Windy would like to add that McNair is “a hair removal product sold in McDonald’s”. Ha ha… 🙂 Obviously, her proud parents have high hopes for this wittle cute monkey!

Sofia looks like a Japanese Hana-chan at the moment. So adorable! Here are a few photos from Windy for you to enjoy!

p1100626.jpg p1100636.jpg p1100637.jpg

Although Sofia was having a hard time sleeping at night at first, Mommy reports that she is doing much better now, and consequently so are Mom and Dad! Your prayers work wonders! Thank you so much! God bless you. xxx


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