Happy New Year 2008!

I can’t believe we’ve made it to 2008! Who would have ever thought? Thank the Lord, we’re still alive and kicking, and the Offensive is on its way! Woohoo!

I apologize for never blogging, but my excuse, though cliche-sounding, is very valid: far too busy. I’m sure you’ll understand, as no doubt you’ve been busy as well, being a part of this last year as it sped by like a tornado, whipping up our world and turning it all upside down and inside out. Ha ha. Plenty of changes in 2007, (almost) all of which I’m thankful for! πŸ˜›

This is going to be a very looong post, I’m afraid. Got some time finally! πŸ™‚ Was on vacation for five days! Yay! I’d been waiting all year for that vacation. Some of us got to go to a provisioned hotel near the beach for a couple nights. TYJ, it was beautiful there. We were at the hot springs on the first night, and won three souls, while we cooked slowly in 4o-degree tubs. Got up for the continental breakfast buffet the next morning, and then went straight back to bed to sleep for several more hours. All I wanted to do was sleep…

I’m posting some photos from the last couple of months, as some worthy photo-ops arose, but alas, I had not the time to post them here. So, bear with the now outdated news…

December 2007:

For the traditional New Year’s Eve Party we had a good time over at at Funside, thanks to Chelle and Steph and everyone over there. GBY guys! While some of us played Poker or MahJong, and others danced to the tunes of “1000 Concubines” and the “Macarena”, ha ha, the guys rung in the New Year out on the balcony lighting sparklers and fireworks – at times into other people…

Here are some NY’s photos:

pict0648.jpg 100_6434.jpg pict0759.jpg

100_6443.jpg 100_6472.jpg 100_6486.jpg

100_6487.jpg 100_6489.jpg 100_6500.jpg

For Christmas 2007, I would have to say that it was the busiest and most stressed Christmas I’ve experienced to date, mostly so because of the lack of planning ahead. We all got back from the Core and the different training programs quite late in the year, and so when we finally had everyone back at Home to begin working on goals for Christmas together, we had a very short time frame to work with. But, PTL anyway! As always, He came through for us with amazing testimonies and miracles, and on His Own Birthday besides… whatta Husband! πŸ™‚

Here are some photos from our Christmas CTP shows, our FISAT Charity Benefit Dinner and other performances:

pict0246crop.jpg pict0060.jpg 0041.jpg

0431.jpg christmas2007-002.jpg christmas2007-016.jpg

christmas2007-034.jpg christmas2007-069.jpg ctpshow2-3.jpg detention-center-ctp-dec-2007-0256.jpg

pict0048.jpg pict0078.jpg pict0084.jpg

pict0092.jpg pict0113.jpg

We had a beautifully prepared Christmas dinner as a Home on December 25th, which was the first time I have ever celebrated Christmas on Christmas Day in my life, so that was a special treat! God bless the 10+ people who helped to cook and set it out for the rest of us! Sam and Alina (and Nigel too…heh heh) came over for the dinner, so that was sweet. That kid is too cute!

Some of us performed at the Riveria Hotel on Christmas Eve, and the hotel then donated two turkeys and some desserts for our Christmas dinner. Yay! And Priya – and I’m not making this up – actually participated in the cooking, and made a beautiful chocolate trifle that tasted splendid as well! And I don’t even like trifle! Ha ha… Sugoi oishi ne!


The following morning (Boxing Day, 26th), the sweet and talented guys of our Home got up in the morning to cook us all a delicious Christmas brunch! -Complete with waffles, bagels, cheese, omelets, bacon, salad, coffee with Kahlua, and more! Yum! GBT, I’m so thankful for the few guys that have managed to somehow survive in our Home that’s chock full of girls. Each of them should be awarded Sainthood! I’m not kidding.

We opened presents right after brunch and played the “Guessing your Guardian Angel” game. Lizzy was my ‘charge’, and I was mighty proud of myself for being so incredibly sneaky enough that she had no idea! Heh heh… πŸ˜›

A big “Thank you!” to everyone who got and gave me prezzies this Christmas! It’s nice to know that I’m loved and thought of, especially at Christmas without my family. Nicole went the extra mile this Christmas and impressed the Christmas spirit upon us all, and tried even harder on some of us who were not so willing (And when I say ‘us’ I mean me…yikes!). I certainly didn’t have the Christmas Cheer Factor going for me, I’m not sure why exactly. But it was nice to know that someone did, and cared about the rest of us at the same time. I don’t know what we would do without you, Nicki! Grazie Tanto!

Here are the classic “by the Christmas tree” photos:

christmas2007-010.jpg christmas2007-011.jpg christmas2007-031.jpg christmas2007-035.jpg
christmas2007-075.jpg christmas2007-092.jpg christmas2007-138.jpgchristmas2007-153.jpg
christmas2007-208.jpg christmas2007-243.jpgchristmas2007-195.jpg

christmas2007-259.jpg christmas2007-277.jpg christmas2007-285.jpg
christmas2007-124.jpg christmas2007-312.jpg christmas2007-117.jpg

And here’s some pics of our adorable kiddos:

christmas2007-032.jpg christmas2007-045.jpg christmas2007-086.jpg

christmas2007-135.jpg christmas2007-215.jpg

I also was able to attend the Christmas Dinner at the Funside Home, which was lovely. Those guys worked so hard, GBT.

100_6231.jpg 100_6094.jpg 100_6232.jpg

And then some of us opened some late Christmas gifts. Steph and Chelle got me a “speaker pillow”, ha ha. You plug in your MP3 and then the idea is to fall asleep on the pillow listening to your favorite tunes… ha ha.

They also got me a lovely bottle of Absolut, heh heh… So sweet, thank you both! πŸ™‚ It was really nice to see a lot of people there that we only get to see once a year. And the food was terribly scrumptious!

100_6229.jpg 100_6230.jpg 100_6235.jpg 100_6267.jpg

100_6280.jpg 100_6289.jpg 100_6288.jpg100_6324.jpg

100_6287.jpg 100_6299.jpg 100_6410.jpg

pict0324.jpg 100_6301.jpg 100_6305.jpg 100_6306.jpg

November 2007:

We had a special dinner for all of our Scorpios and Saggitarians – believe it or not that comes to a count of 8, just in our Home! – which Mark and Nicki prepared. Thank you guys! It was delicious! Everyone was pretty tired, and sat around the fire eating away… ha ha. There aren’t too many photos from that night, sadly, and the ones I have seen leave much to be desired… ha ha.

Tina Tarpy had her birthday this month, and we went to celebrate it with her at a restaurant where a salsa club was hanging out for the evening. The music was very very different from anything that most of us were used to dancing to, but the overly exuberant salsa club students and instructors had a fun time dragging us off of our seats in the corner and on to the dance floor. Phoebe got to dance to a meringue with one of the instructors, to the wild applause of all the onlookers! Ha ha, she was really very good, despite her sprained ankle… By the end of the night, I think it’s safe to say that we all had a little fun, at least. πŸ˜›

dsc01917.jpg p1020556.jpg p1020592.jpg p1020558.jpg

p1020609.jpg p1020670.jpg copy-of-p1020625.jpg

October 2007:

Backtracking further… A couple days after we got home from Japan, was my birthday! πŸ˜€ I am now an aged 23 year old… Thank the Lord… The Home had a special and delicious dinner, made even more special because Michael/Praise were visiting at the time, and David and Heidi had postponed their flights home to stay a couple days longer. You’re the best, you guys! πŸ™‚ Some very sweet soul made a huge banana cake, which I hear was very tasty… ha ha! GBT.

picture-823.jpg dsc01882.jpg dsc01884.jpg dsc01894.jpg

Also, in October, Priya and Phoebe planned a very enjoyable party for all the Virgoes and Librans in the area. The theme of the party was “Vibra” (pronounced like Libra but with a V…), and basically it gave everyone free rein to dress however they well pleased! Ha!

There was a Vibra Bar, which consisted of various colored liquids that unsuspecting wine-bibbers were tricked into thinking was voddy and other such alcoholic drinks… ha ha.

pic_1695.jpg pic_1708.jpg

There was a stamping game going on throughout the party, where you had to do different deeds, dances, fill out forms, receive prophecy kisses for the all the Vibras, etc, and then you’d find yourself tattooed with the Vibra logo. There were also special “bonus questions” about all the Vibras, where you could earn 7 or more Vibra stamps, ha ha. Questions like, “How many pierces does Joyce have?” “How many years has Iona been in the Family?” “What’s Mari’s favorite food?” “What’s Ia’s real name?” and on and on. All logo stamps were then added up at the end of the party, and the winners were awarded prizes! We took some photos later of all the XDers who were at the party.

p1040490.jpg pic_1723.jpg pic_1737.jpg pic_1731.jpg

p1040375.jpg vibra-party-3.jpg vibra-party-1.jpg img_3421.jpg

Since Ching was technically a Vibra (August 30), she also participated in the party, and was very excited about yelling out “words” in answer to the bonus questions asked… Ha ha.


(You can also go to her own blog: http://china.colmmari.com/ for more pics and posts of her daily adorable-ness…ha ha.)

September 2007:

Okay, and backtracking even further was the XD Core, which I realize now I never did blog about. But I’ll leave that for another post, as my fingers are getting tired, almost as tired perhaps, as your eyes…

Here’s to the New Year then! May we all laugh a little more, and cry a little less… God help us to keep our eyes on the Goal of the Offensive, and work the works of He Who has sent us, while it is yet day. Akemashite Omedetou! I love you, and I’m thankful for you – every one of you.


6 responses to “Happy New Year 2008!

  1. Har Har dear Joyce, that was quite the eyeful, the read-a-thon I’ll call it, I bet you did that all in one breath too, great to have you finally posting again. hmmm there was no mention of me coming up…humph, I shall have to work on my forgiving skills!

  2. I love you Joyce! Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu!
    I throughly read your blog all the way through and enjoyed it! And the pictures were great! Japan misses you! Itsu ka hyai uchi ni Nippon ni kite ne!
    And Yes blog about the XD Core and how wonderful Japan is…hahaha
    Hontoni aishitemasu Joyce! I’m soooo thankful for you too! IPFY!

    xxxx -Nozo πŸ™‚

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