Happy Birthday to my Scorpio sisters!

To Celeste and Julianne:

I miss you heaps and wish you were here! Although this is slightly late, please know that it still comes with tons of hugs and kisses, well-wishes and focused prayers of jubilation!

Even though I do miss you terribly, I’m so thankful that the Lord’s given you the opportunity to travel the world and meet so many different people from all the coolest/weirdest places! I hope that you can continue to experience life to the full and be blessed with friends you love and those who love you too! I’ll be praying for you to keep on fighting the good fight and waging war alongside our wonderful Family, and that you’ll never hide all those multitudes of talents you both have! With out-of-bounds prayers, I hope to see you again someday – sooner rather than later! I love you… xxx

Mom sent me some photos the other day, so I thought to post them here. Wow, how you’ve grown into even more beautiful, zhen de la mei xiao jie’s! Look out, all ye Mexicano hombres… ha ha.

blog01.jpg blog02.jpg

(And our nephew isn’t so bad looking himself… 😛 Such a handsome fellow…)

I found some old photos in my files of when you guys were wittle Farmer girls that I’ll post here, and you can see how much you’ve changed. Ha ha… starting from younger till now.

Julie with pomello Jules and Celeste Kenting Jules and Celeste Kenting02

Jules and Celeste Kenting03Jules and Celeste webcamJules glasses

Joyce and Celeste JR Camp Celeste skirt Jules flower

And now for my absolute favorite photo of you two for all time:

Favorite photo

Ha ha ha… I think I’ll run and hide now… :O


4 responses to “Happy Birthday to my Scorpio sisters!

  1. I don’t quite know what it is … but I think that leaving comments on blogs is growing on me. In any case, Happy Birthday to you girls, I don’t know the other one, but Celeste is really growing up, I have a photo with her from a camp that I was trying to help run, she was so cute then, and she still is now … but bigger

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