Tanjobi Omedetou!

It’s been forever and a day, but I am finally posting! And Jewel, you are the reason. Happy Birthday on this beautifully pouring rainy day…

Jewel and I

I hope you…

can dance in the rain, when it comes your way,

can sing in the storms, though you’re tempt to dismay,

can love when it’s tough, and your temper is rot

can pray in the dark, though voices bid you naught,

can smile through your tears, but that tears are few,

can know that I am always thinking of you.

It was subarashi to see you in Tokyo, and I hope we can make it more of a regular occurrence! Ha ha… we’ll see.

And you thought I’d never post… pshhhh…. 😛 Let’s close with a lovely quote I found, just for you:

May you live to be a hundred years, with one extra year to repent.
~Author Unknown


One response to “Tanjobi Omedetou!

  1. Ahahaha … Joyce … tsk tsk … guess you proved me wrong. So sweet … I’m touched … and yes … we can make it more of a regular occurrence … just come and live in Japan!!! woo hoo … thanks so much for the post. Now that you finally have, lets hear more from you. Cheers!
    -the old one

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