Happy 21st Birthday to Lizzy!

Jeanine and Liz

Jeanine and Lizzy (right), Houston

Well, it’s actually May 30th, I know. But here we go anyway…

Liz and Jason

Liz (left) and Jason, Houston

No, I don’t really know who Jason is… ha ha. Anyhow, love, I don’t have any recent photos of you, so this is what we have for now. No matter – you’re gorgeous!

I miss you tons, and love you ten times that much! I pray that your new life as a certified adult treats you well, and that you’ll always be my freaky baby sister! XXX


2 responses to “Happy 21st Birthday to Lizzy!

  1. Love you, Joyce! You’ll always be my big sister! I’ll try not to grow up too much! hehe…thank you so much for all the love & support, prayers, tears, laughs, kindness, slaps, scolds, freaky e-mail name that everyone makes fun of (but that I keep anyway, cuz it reminds me of you), presents, hugs & kisses you’ve given me over the years. My life is worthwhile cuz you were in it! xoxoxox Only God loves you more than me!

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